Extract from article in thewealthnet titled, “Arvella Investments offers up ESG tools for free to industry” published on 19 November 2021.

“Innovation only makes sense if it becomes mainstream, otherwise you are barking up the wrong tree,” Bruno de Kegel, founder and COO of Arvella Investments, told thewealthnet.

Having won the PAM Award for innovation this year, the firm is certainly considered a leading voice in this regard.

For this reason, Arvella Investments has made a series of ESG tools available for free to professional investors.

The tools can be used alone, or to complement existing sustainable risk rating and analytics solutions.

Arvella is not looking to make money from this. Instead the firm is looking to foster greater collaboration across the industry.

It is looking to partner with academics and other similarly aligned firms to conduct research projects and develop more tools. These will then be made available via Arvella’s website.

The first firm to partner is Fulcrum Asset Management.

Nabeel Abdoula, deputy CIO at Fulcrum AM, said the firm is delighted to work with Arvella.

 “We’re proud to be ESG for Investors’ first investment house partner and are contributing an ongoing research resource to this important project.”

Mr de Kegel concluded: “The change is only going to happen if not only we are doing it, but everyone else is doing it too. Otherwise it is going to be too little too late.”